Excursions around the island of Bornholm
Sights and attractions for holiday makers visiting Bornholm


Mårten explains the origin of the cottages:

"My father in law is from Bornholm and his mother still lives on the island.

Years ago the parents built three cottages on their spacious plot and recently I have taken over two of the cottages.

Situated in a nice and peaceful area on the outskirts of the small town Allinge, the charming cottages each have a private natural garden and well-designed, unique interior decor.

Beginning at my own cottages, I will take you on a brief tour of the surroundings; first we will explore our neighbourhood and then take on the rest of the island.

Concert with the Danish musician Rasmus Nøhr in Allinge
Concert with the Danish musician Rasmus Nøhr
in Allinge (View larger image...)

The cottages are situated in Allinge...

Allinge is located on the Danish island Bornholm, to be more accurate in the northern part of Bornholm.

In daily speech Allinge is associated with the nearby town Sandvig, and therefore the area is commonly known as Allinge-Sandvig. Many people claim that the northern part of Bornholm is the nicest and the most beautiful. Here you can experience the amazing nature and visit plenty of sights and attractions.

During summer Allinge has a lively town life and with its stores, cafés and restaurants, the harbour has become a natural meeting point. At that time of year the city is buzzing with activities of various kinds. There is a wide selection of live concerts; however the jazz-scene seems to be the most vibrant. In the harbour it is not unusual that sailors bring their own instruments and gather to jam together. Also renowned jazz musicians come to Allinge to give concerts."


Interesting activities close by:

Denmark ’s longest cableway (Fancy a ride?)
Denmark ’s longest cableway (Fancy a ride?)
(View larger image...)

    The famous old castle HammersHus
The famous old castle HammersHus (View larger image...)
Behind the church of Ols you can catch a glimpse of the church tower that Sine´s father built the roof for.
Behind the church of Ols you can catch a glimpse of the church
tower that Sine´s father built the roof for.
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If you like swimming and bathing there is a beautiful beach surrounded by cliffs at Næs. A very refreshing place, which gets my warmest recommendation. It’s not very far from the cottages.

A 5-minute walk away, you will find our favourite fish restaurant called "Nord Bornholms Røgeri" ( Northern Bornholm’s Smokery) or what the locals call “Arne’s fish”. Don’t miss out on this, even people who usually do not care for fish will find delicious dishes here..

The trollboy Krølle-Bølle, who has become a renowned symbol of Bornholm, and his family live inside the mountain "Langebjerg" (Long Mountain), close to Allinge-Sandvig. Old sayings claim that the mountain is divided in two by midnight thus allowing Krølle-Bølle and his troll family to come out. Roughly translated Krølle-Bølle means Curly Rascal.

Denmark ’s most famous castle ruin is "HammersHus" which majestically overlooks the northern tip of Bornholm. Its only 10-minutes from the cottages. A tour through the castle will take you several hours and its history comes alive with stories, performances and signs within the castle.

The Chrystal Lake is an impressive, deeply blue lake formed when an old stone quarry has filled with water. You will find it a stone’s throw away from the road to HammersHus. In recent years a cableway has been set up here. It’s the longest in Denmark and at the end of the ride you will land in the water. Seems like a refreshing experience when you see people come drifting through the air!

Christiansø or Christian’s Island, is part of the archipelago Ertholmene which can be spotted in the horizon if you stand at the harbour in Allinge. Small ferries traffic the route Allinge-Christiansø.


My father in law, his father and the church of Ols.

If we turn to the other side of Allinge, we will discover the Church of Ols, which is one of four famous round churches on the island. In fact this one is the tallest of them all and my father in law has built the roof for the church tower. His father has also contributed to the cultural heritage as he took part in the restoration of the church’s interior.

At Tejn approximately 2 km from the cottages there is a beautiful and very popular sand beach.

Most people who know a little bit about the island, associate Bornholm with “The Boulder” but in fact there are several boulders here, one of them you will find close to Allinge, in the forest just behind Olsker (where you also find the church of Ols).

Many visitors have also heard of The Echo Valley (Ekkodalen) a nice place for longer walks. Once you are there, it is not far to "Rytterknægten" the island’s highest point situated in Denmark’s 3rd largest forest Almindingen (The Common). Climbing the tower you can see the whole island. Very fascinating.


Holiday activities

About half an hour’s drive from Allinge, there is a centre for birds of prey where you can watch both small and large raptors at close range and watch live shows. We recommend this captivating experience for everyone. It is also suitable for families.

Speaking of family activities, we would also like to recommend "NaturBornholm" at Aakirkeby. It’s a large activity centre which describes the island’s origin and development. Here you can learn anything and everything about the island’s geology.

The Butterfly Park in Nexø is also an interesting place to visit. Watching butterflies in every shape and colour is an amazing experience. Gigantic butterflies fly among the visitors!

Joboland, or Brændegårdshaven as it was called before, is Bornholm’s amusement park. Kids will love it, not very far from Nexø.

The Boulder
Boulder close to the cottages
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Need a lazy day at the beach? At Dueodde there is a fantastic beach with clean water, family-friendly beach and lots of space for activities.

Returning to the cottages a stopover at Mermaid Universe in Svanneke is a MUST for our family. We have never tasted better ice-cream and when you’re on the island, you shouldn’t miss out on this divine treat

The charming town Gudhjem is situated on the eastern coast of Bornholm and its narrow roads climb up and down the hills. Many artists have settled here.

Overall the island is fortunate to have so many creative and productive artists and craftsmen; such an art milieu is unique in Denmark and even rarely seen in other countries.

Rønne is “capital” of Bornholm. The city has everything a shopaholic could ask for.

One of the true advantages of the island is the short distances. If you are going by car, it is very easy to get around. Beginning at our cottages in the north going to the southern part, it will probably take you less than 1 hour and 15 minutes by car.

Riding a bike at Bornholm can be both a treasure and a challenge. The island has many hills, but the nature and the view are astonishing and will give you appetite for more.

Furthermore, during summer there is a bus circling around the island and going across. The bus stop is only 200 m from the cottages. So even if you need a break from biking, you can still get around and see and experience other parts of the island. .

One of the more peculiar attractions on Bornholm is the ski slope in Slettegård, close to Gudhjem. The ski lift and the snow canon complete the slope, but given the weather circumstances the slope is rarely open. Not to speak of the summer months. Unfortunately I have not yet had the opportunity to try the slope, but we are sure, it must be great fun!

The butterfly park
The butterfly park invites you into
the universe of butterflies!
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Getting to Bornholm

To get to Bornholm you can chose between various ferries which depart from Ystad in Sweden, Køge in Denmark, Sassnitz in Germany or Swinoujscie in Poland and arrive in Rønne.

Rønne also has an airport which is becoming increasingly popular.

Passenger ferries connect Allinge with Simrishamn in Sweden and Nexø with Kolobrezeg in Poland.

It takes approximately 25 minutes to go by car from Rønne to the cottages in Allinge.

Departing from Copenhagen it takes 2 ½ hours to get there by car. From Nykøbing F., Denmark it takes about 4 hours, ferry transport included.

- Remember to book your tickets well in advance.
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