Holiday cottages on Bornholm
Vacation home rental - Two holiday cottages 12 B and C in Allinge, Bornholm, Denmark.


Holiday cottage Bornholm
12 B. Lovely 60 m2 holiday cottage on Bornholm.
Only 700 metres from the beach.


Holiday cottage Bornholm
12 C. Lovely 47 m2 holiday cottage on Bornholm.
Perfect for couples or smaller families.

Holiday on Bornholm

”The Danish island Bornholm is situated in the Baltic sea between Poland and the southernmost part of Sweden.

It is a popular holiday destination and most guests travel by ferry to get here. Ferries depart from Ystad or Simrishamn in Sweden, Sassnitz in Germany, Swinoujscie or Kolobrezeg in Poland or from Køge in Denmark.

Intriguing and family-friendly, Bornholm is also known as ”Sunshine Island” or ”The Pearl of the Baltic Sea” and remains one of the most popular Danish islands.

The island’s location and the fact that it is the only rock island in Denmark, means that its landscape and vegetation unique for this region. At times you will get the impression that you are in the beautiful north and sometimes you get a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Here you can enjoy long sand beaches, amazing pebble beaches, hills, forests and cities with picturesque houses and narrow streets, and last but not least, a very lively art scene around the island. The Danish writer Martin Andersen Nexø originates from the city Nexø on Bornholm. On Bornholm there is something for every taste and loads for activities for both kids and adults.”

The holiday cottages are owned by Mr. Mårten Mårtensson.

Mårten explains the origin of the cottages:

"My father in law is from Bornholm and his mother still lives on the island.

Years ago the parents built three holiday cottages on their spacious plot and recently I have taken over two of the cottages.

Situated in a nice and peaceful area on the outskirts of the small town Allinge, the charming cottages each have a private natural garden and well-designed, unique interior decor.

Beginning at our own holiday cottages, we will give you a brief description of the surroundings; first we would like to explore our own neighbourhood and then take on the rest of the island.

The holiday cottages are situated in Allinge...

Allinge located on the Danish island Bornholm, to be more accurate in the northern part of Bornholm.

In daily speech Allinge is associated with the nearby town Sandvig, and therefore the area is commonly known as Allinge-Sandvig.

Many people claim that the northern part of Bornholm is the nicest and the most beautiful. Here you can experience the amazing nature and visit plenty of sights and attractions.

During summer Allinge has a lively town life and with its stores, cafés and restaurants, the harbour has become a popular meeting point. In the summer the city is buzzing with activities of various kinds.

There is a wide selection of concerts; however the jazz-scene seems to be the most vibrant. In the harbour it is not unusual that sailors bring their own instruments and gather to jam together. Also renowned jazz musicians come to Allinge to give concerts."

... read more about the holiday cottages and the tour around Bornholm


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